• For Profit

CBC specializes in two areas of for-profit businesses: second stage businesses and significant startups. Second stage businesses are businesses that have been in business long enough to generate revenue but have not been able to grow to their desired level. We work with the principals with a proven system:

             • Set Goals
             • Research
             • Analyze
             • Design Solutions
             • Implement Solutions
             • Measure
             • Revise (as needed)

This approach has helped us grow dozens of businesses who's revenues and growth had been stagnant.

We also work with startup businesses with the potential to generate high revenue. In addition to the above steps, we develop a step-by-step approach for startup that guides the founders through every area of business and gives them the highest chance for success. We build comprehensive business and financial plans and then connect the businesses to sources of capital.

• Government & Agency

For over 10 years we have helped government, quasi-government, and private agencies who specialize in business support. We apply our years of experience to help them become better at serving their target population. We meet with them to capture their objectives and then work with them on program development. All programs have process measurements built in to ensure program integrity and outcome measurements to ensure effectiveness of the work.

We work with the agencies in any and all areas of need. For some agencies that is program design. For others it is adding standards and measurements. For others, we help with program delivery
• Non-profit

We have over 20 years direct experience in non-profit management.  CBC specializes in 3 areas of non-profit development: designing and implementing business & financial standards, designing & implementing program standards, and strategic planning. 

Many non-profits are very good at serving the people but have a lot less expertise or comfort managing the business side of helping people.  With decades of experience in both areas, CBC works with the client to help them to understand how the business side ties into their mission and how the mission needs the business.

Our non-profit team includes a PhD with over 30 years of experience installing measurements into programs.  In today's environment it is essential that non-profits measure the success of their work and constantly improve on it.  We build those measurements into the programs for them

We also help with strategic planning.  We help the non-profit develop and implement a detailed strategic plan.  This plan is the road map to reaching their goals and objectives.


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