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Childress Business Consulting
Planned Excellence!
Developing Financial Success Paths for People,
Businesses, and Communities!

Childress Business Consulting (CBC) is a full service firm that focuses on three main areas of business: Strategic Business Consulting, Training, and Economic Development. It is led by business professionals with decades of experience in business, finance, and sales. We develop successful financial paths for people, businesses, and community through our approach of Planned Excellence.

Excellence does not happen by accident. It is the result of knowledgeable business leaders putting systems of quality in place. These systems have core elements of process measurements to ensure excellence in the production and outcome measurements to ensure customer satisfaction. Our main areas of business include:

 Strategic Business Consulting
  • Work with companies big and small
  • For profit and non-profit
  • Improve Strategic Decision Making/Action
  • Build systems of excellence
  • Help companies gain access to capital
  • Increase revenue and profit

 Economic Development
  • Build comprehensive community economic development plans
  • New York City
  • Delaware Economic Development Office
  • Cayman Islands
 Training
  • Trained over 1,300 entrepreneurs
  • New York, PA, Delaware, DC
  • Business & Entrepreneur Training
  • Startups & Existing Businesses
Our News
  • Launched 5th Cohort of the Food Business Pathways Program

  • Speaking engagement at Philadelphia University

  • Growth in the Caribbean


CBC recently spoke at SUNY-Empire College. Mr. Childress spoke on how to create a sustainable, profitable business